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Governo Italiano

Director General for Administration and ICT - Massimo Civitelli


Director General for Administration and ICT - Massimo Civitelli
  • Born in Rome, 17 January 1956; married with two children.
  • Received a degree in Sociology from the University of Rome on 2 July 1979.
  • Air Force reserve officer, 1976-77.
  • Following competitive examination, named Deputy Inspector in the Management Career on 2 February 1981; was acting Head of Office VI of the Directorate General for Emigration and Social Affairs until 30 September 1983.
  • Deputy Administrative Commissioner in Basil, from October 1st 1983 to 4 July 1986.
  • Served with the Directorate General for Personnel and Administration, Office XI 1986-1993, and Head of Department I, 1986-1990.
  • Appointed First Manager, January 1st 1990, following public management competitive exam.
  • Head of Office XI of the DGPA, 1991-1993.
  • Head of Office X of the DGPA, 1994-1998.
  • EURO Chief of the Ministry: pursuant to a directive of the Council of Ministers, 1997.
  • Head of Office XII and Office X (in 1998) of the DGPA; revision and updating of all office ICT procedures, in conjunction with the IT Centre, 1998-1999.
  • Head of Office IV of the Directorate General for Administration, Budget and Assets, January 1st 2000-30 September 2001. Collaboration on MFA reforms.
  • Administrative Expert at the Embassy of Italy in Madrid, with the remit for Spain, Algeria, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia. Specific issues of security, and responsible for physical plant and infrastructure safety. Organisation of the first elections with voting for Italians abroad (referendum of October 2003). October 1st 2001-22 August 2005.
  • Administrative Expert at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, with the remit for the United States and Canada, 23 August 2005-11 September 2006.
  • Appointed Head of the Consular Chancery of the same Embassy, pursuant to decree no. 3/2006 of the Embassy of Italy in Washington. Relations with the State Department, Office of Foreign Missions for the supervision of credentials and protocol.
  • Contribution to the technological innovation and implication of consular and cultural procedures for the geographical area of reference, through both direct intervention and on-line consultation, and support for the above foreign offices.
  • Head of the ITC and Encryption Service (S.I.C.C.), 12 September 2006.
  • Director General for Administration and ITC (DGAI) following the MFA reform of 16.12.2010.
  • ICT innovation and implementation of e-government and the Italian digital agenda for the Public Administration, with a particular focus on MFA on-line consular services, dematerialisation, the International Public Administration Network (RIPA), and the M@E Cloud project.
  • Official member of the National Coordination Commission at DIGIT PA.

Languages: English, French, Spanish and elementary German.

Honours received:

  • Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.



  • “Per una storia delle elezioni a Roma. Salvatore Barzilai ed il mondo democratico romano di fine ottocento, Roma tra ottocento e novecento”. Studies and Research, Quaderni dell’Istituto di Scienze Storiche, University of Rome, 1981.
  • “Vademecum sull’introduzione dell’Euro nella pubblica amministrazione con aspetti specifici del Ministero degli Affari esteri”, “Mario Toscano” Diplomatic INstitute, Rome 1998.

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