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Offices collaborating directly with the Minister


Offices collaborating directly with the Minister


The offices that cooperate in this area have the task of supporting the policy making body and of acting as a liaison between the latter and the Administration in pursuance of Articles 4 and 14, par. 2 of the Legislative Decree n. 165 of 2001. These offices participate in the definition and evaluation of the objectives and the drafting of public policies, in particular with special attention to regulatory impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis and the consistency between objectives and results.

The following are the offices collaborating directly with the Minister: 

The Minister's Private Secretariat;

It is an independent body assessing performance and has a permanent technical office for the measurement of the performance;   

Minister's Private Secretariat: the office reports directly to the Minister. It is managed and coordinated by the Head of the Secretariat, who takes care of the Minister's agenda and correspondence, along with the personal relations pertaining to his appointment. 

Head of the Private Secretariat
Cristina Belotti

Private Secretary


Independent performance assessment office:  this office operates in compliance with the Legislative Decree of 27 October 2009, n. 150, which enforces the Act of 4 March  2009, n. 15, on issues regarding the optimisation of public work productivity and the efficiency and transparency of public administrations. This office replaces the Internal Control Offices, or otherwise referred to, by the Legislative Decree of 30 July 1999, n. 286. Furthermore, it exercises strategic control as of Art 6, par 1, of the above mentioned Legislative Decree (n.286 of 1999) and reports directly to the political and administrative directive body.

Independent Assessment Office 

Fabrizio Pio Arpea 

Telephone 06 3691 5812

The Independent Assessment Office  evaluates performance and carries out the following activities: 

it monitors the overall assessment system, transparency and integrity of internal control operations and issues an annual report on the state of the same office. It expeditiously reports any crucial issues it encounters to relevant internal government and administrative bodies, and to the Corte dei Conti, the Ispettorato per La Funzione Pubblica and the Commission, in accordance with Art 13 of Legislative Decree n 150 of 2009; 

it validates the Report on the performance, in accordance with Art 10 of  Legislative Decree n 150 of 2009, and guarantees its visibility by publishing it on the Administration's institutional website; 

it guarantees the correctness of evaluation and assessment processes along with the utilisation of premiums, in compliance with Title III and in accordance to what is envisaged in the Decree, in the national collective agreements, integration agreements, and in the Administration's internal regulations, in compliance with the principle of enhancing professionalism and worth; 

it proposes, in accordance with the system included in Art 7 of the above mentioned Decree, to the unit/divisions of the offices that manage political and administrative direction, a yearly assessment of the top executives and the assignment of premiums, in compliance with Title III; 

it is responsible for the correct application of the guidelines, methods and tools envisaged by the Commission as per Art 13 of the  Legislative Decree n 150 of 2009;  

it promotes and validates the fulfillment of obligations regarding transparency and integrity; 

it verifies the results and best practices for the promotion of equal opportunities.

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