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Minister Interviews and Articles

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03/20/2019Moavero: Italy-China agreement? Nobody in the EU mentioned it (Nuovo Corriere Nazionale) Interviews and articles
03/16/2019Moavero Milanesi: «EU and NATO: the agreement with China does not undermine our cornerstones » «China, no tension with USA and EU» Interviews and articles
02/17/2019Moavero Milanesi: «Disagreements over the TAV high-speed rail are likely to stay between Italy and France; if necessary, we’ll bring the issue to the scrutiny of Parliament» (Corriere della Sera) Interviews and articles
02/11/2019Moavero Milanesi: "We need to mend things with Paris. Salvini-Di Maio? The policy line is set by Conte" (la Repubblica) Interviews and articles
12/31/2018Moavero: «The EU was ready to punish us. This deal avoids instability» (Il Messaggero) Interviews and articles
09/30/2018Moavero: “The EU has made mistakes but it is the only shield against nationalisms” (La Nazione – Resto del Carlino) Interviews and articles
08/24/2018Moavero: The Diciotti Coast Guard boat has rescued 200 people, the problem is Europe (Il Interviews and articles
08/11/2018Moavero: Make Euro great again (Il Foglio) Interviews and articles
07/29/2018Moavero: “Europe must be driven by solidarity or it will waver ” (Avvenire) Interviews and articles

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