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Italy-Africa initiative


Italy-Africa initiative


The Italy-Africa initiative moves from the awareness of Africa’s opportunities and risks and in the light of Italy’s attitude to act as a bridge between Europe and Africa. The initiative was intended to "shine a spotlight on Africa", in order to reinforce longstanding relationships and to update and build new ones.  It was articulated in a series of events that put from time to time the political, economic and cultural relations at the center of the debates, focusing on the concept of sustainable development and trying to guarantee for each event concrete follow-ups.

Among the several events, it is worth mentioning the three ministerial Conferences, held in Rome in 2014, dedicated to the topics of Agriculture, Energy,  and Culture and Ethnography, the latter in the presence of the Senegalese President Macky Sall.  In May 2015, a Conference on the role of African Diaspora for African Development was held at the Farnesina. In this framework, it has to be recalled the first edition of Italy-Africa Conference, held at the Farnesina and sponsored by the President of the Italian Republic.  Various events planned by organizations outside the Ministry were also sponsored.

The Italy-Africa Conference, held at the Italian MFA in May 2016, was attended by African Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the main international organizations, Italian entrepreneurs, journalists, representatives of civil society and development cooperation interested in Africa. The concept of political, economic and climate sustainability has been at the heart of the debate, together with the issue of the need for a joint cooperation between Africa and Europe with regard to the management of migratory flows.

A new edition of the Italy-Africa Conference, which is to be held every two years, is scheduled for 2018: stability, culture, education and development will be at the core of the debate.


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