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Governo Italiano

Exhibitions – Visual arts


Exhibitions – Visual arts

Guadalajara November – December 2008

“Madonna with Child” by Paolo Veneziano
Venue: MUSEO REGIONAL (antechoir of the Chapel)
Opens: early November (at the request of the Museo Regional, to coincide with its anniversary), 19:00
Closes: end December

“Lorenzo Boturini”
Opens: 27 November, 18:00
Closes: end December

“Italidea - a new idea of Italy”
This exhibition is a unique opportunity to rediscover and recount the historic roots of today’s inventiveness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and convey the new face of quality products bearing the “Made in Italy” mark. The exhibition is divided into two main sections: an introductory section focusing on Italy’s historic-artistic identity and a thematic section showcasing sectors (technology and machinery, nautical engineering, fashion, food and wine, construction, communication and design) representing Italian excellence.
Opens: 28 November, 12:00
Closes: end December
“Journey into Italian Art 1950-80. 100 Works from Farnesina Collection”
This exhibition aims to disseminate a deeper awareness throughout the world of the most significant Italian movements and artists of the last century. It focuses in particular on the decades following the Second World War, through works by artists such as Carla Accardi, Roberto Almagno, Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Paladino and Michelangelo Pistoletto.
Opens: 28 November, 17:00
Closes: end December

“Fantasmi e Fughe”
The Teatrio Cultural Association – a leader in children’s illustration – presents 30 brilliantly illustrated stories in 80 plates by young Italian illustrators and artists.
Opens: 30 November, 10:00
Closes: 7 December

“Piedmont Turin Design”
This exhibition, produced in collaboration with Piedmont Region to coincide with Turin being awarded the role of “Design Capital 2008”, presents a complete review of the multi-form application of the art of design to avant-garde industrial processes. Over 200 products of various types and uses, designed and produced by the most famous Piedmont design studies between 1995 and 2006, provide an overview of the indissoluble bond between aesthetic creativity and technical design skill.
Opens: 30 November, 18:00
Closes: 15 January

“The Antonellis of Gatteo, engineers from Renaissance Romagna at the service of the King of Spain”
A photographic exhibition, in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Region, composed of 57 reproductions of the fortifications designed and built in Latin America by the Antonellis, architects working in the second half of the 16th century.
Opens: 1 December, 12:00 with DVD, web site “Gli Antonelli architetti da Gatteo” ( and multi-media series “La misura dell’Eldorado - Vita e imprese di emiliano-romagnoli nelle Americhe”.
Closes: mid- January

“Artists Books” (Cucchi, Fontana, Baj, Merz, Munari, etc.)
This exhibition displays an important collection of books/objects d’art. The works are deliberately conceived and produced in the form of books, exploiting their essential characteristics to create something similar yet “other”. Some of these book-objects, like those of Fontana and Merz, are rarities in the world of contemporary art. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Museo Pecci in Prato.
Opens: 2 December, 18:00
Closes: end December

"Tina Modotti. Art, Life and Freedom"
This exhibition of images and documents, produced in collaboration with Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, describes the values – of life, art and freedom – of a women whose ideas, thoughts, battles and concerns are an intrinsic part of 20th century memory. The exhibition consists of about 80 images created between 1923 and 1930: calligraphic visions of nature, dynamic and experimental photographs, portraits, architectonic spaces, and then the great period of social and political engagement. Also on display are critical texts, letters, poetry and other testimonies, along with a video depicting her life and work and a rare silent film performance ("The Tiger's coat") shot in Hollywood in 1920.
Venue: Centro Cultural Casa Vallarta
Opens: 30 November, 12:00
Closes: end December


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