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Governo Italiano

Joint Action


Joint Action

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Last 17 and 18 October, the second edition of the Joint Action for the Italian language entitled Italian, Living Language was held in Florence. The event was dedicated to taking stock of the promotion of the Italian language and culture abroad with a special focus on the role of the corporate world and of creative Made in Italy products in a round table moderated by Beppe Severgnini on the use of the Italian language in corporate communication strategies, with the participation of Olivier François (FCA), Andrea Illy (Illycaffè), Clemént Vachon (San Pellegrino), Lelio Gavazza (Bulgari) and Annamaria Testa. The initiative took place concomitantly to the 16th Week of the Italian Language in the world (17 – 23 October 2016), which was dedicated to the theme of creativity, under the title Italian and creativity: brands and lifestyles, fashion and design.  

The 17th of October marked the launch of the new Italian Language Portal in the World, a unique channel giving access to all the information and updates on the promotion of the teaching of the Italian language abroad. The results of the projects launched in the first 2014 edition on the diffusion of Italian courses in the world were presented on 18 October. At the end of the meeting the document “Stilnovo II” was drafted, which included the guidelines and the specific objectives of the policies to promote the Italian language from now to 2018.

Also in this edition of the Joint Action, the key contributions were made by experts, academics and representatives of the Agencies actively promoting the Italian language abroad, who were summoned by the Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro and the Director General of Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Vincenzo De Luca, to establish 5 Working Groups:

• Italian and Italian speakers in the world

• Overseas language promotion strategies and attracting students

• New technologies and linguistic communication

• Single certification

• Language, value and creativity 

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