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“The Foreign Ministry supports digital services for export”, appeal to the providers of digital services


“The Foreign Ministry supports digital services for export”, appeal to the providers of digital services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launches an appeal to the digital service providers operating in Italy to contribute, free of charge and waiving any exclusivity agreements, to disseminating the digital tools for boosting the internationalisation of Italian enterprises, and particularly SMEs.

The pandemic has generated great uncertainty and new challenges and Italy will be able to confirm itself as a leading player on international markets only by adopting new strategies, including, first and foremost, the strong and widespread digitalisation of our economic fabric, which, and not accidentally, is one of the objectives of the Pact for Export.

The Directorate-General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation therefore appeals to all operators in the sector to contribute to strengthening the capacity for the affirmation of Italian products and services abroad, providing some of the services indicated in the Notice of Expression of Interest for sponsorship published on the Ministry's website at Ministry website.

The objectives

This initiative by the Foreign Ministry is based on two considerations: 

  • digital tools are an incredible opportunity for Italian businesses, to strengthen their export vocation, while streamlining access to foreign markets and enhancing their competitive edge;
  • the pandemic crisis under way has strengthened the private sector’s resolve to imagine and develop initiatives with a high social and economic impact.

For these reasons, the Foreign Ministry is implementing a range of initiatives for achieving these objectives, also with the support of the ICE Agency and many other stakeholders in the world of business and government involved in the Pact for Export and the Pact for the Made in Italy Brand. 

This “Notice of Expression of Interest” therefore targets digital services providers to encourage them to offer certain services to SMEs, free of charge, such as:

  •   Refresh training for export managers of SMEs
  •   Spreading projects for supporting business internationalisation
  •   Providing Reports on worldwide market trends and on the Made in Italy brand
  •   Providing a creative contribution to the system with innovative proposals

Participation rules

If you are a company providing digital services to businesses and are interested in offering specific digital services to SMEs, for free and for a limited period of time, please fill out this Form. The Ministry will collect and select the expressions of interest and will organize the timing of the initiatives and the target audience.

The economic and social emergency created by the pandemic requires all of us to strive, as best we can, to provide an effective contribution to tackling these new challenges, aware as we are of our many world-class businesses and our sensitivity to the needs of those who are suffering the most severe effects of this situation. This Notice responds precisely to the need to bring together a wealth of digital skills and place them at the service of the Country as a whole.

The Public Notice illustrating the objectives of the initiative, the eligibility requirements and participation rules is available online.

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