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Restrictive Measures in Force and Waivers (Italian only)


Restrictive Measures in Force and Waivers (Italian only)


Within the framework of its Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), the EU applies restrictive measures for the purposes of pursuing the specific CSFP objectives stated in the Treaty on European Union. In recent years, the EU has often made recourse to the imposition of sanctions or restrictive measures both autonomously and in compliance with the binding resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Sanctions are diplomatic or economic instruments intended to stimulate change in activities or policies, such as violations of international law, human rights, rule of law or democratic principles. The restrictive measures imposed by the EU can target the governments of third countries as well as non-State entities or physical or legal individuals (such as terrorist groups or individual terrorists). They can consist of embargoes on the sale of weapons, other specific or general trade restrictions (import or export bans), financial restrictions, travel restrictions (visa or travel bans), or other measures that may appear appropriate to the case in question.

According to the nature of the specific sanctions, Member States are obliged to undertake specific tasks regarding implementation of the measures. The authorised agency in Italy in charge of monitoring the system for the prevention and sanctioning of financing terrorism and money-laundering is the Financial Security Committee (CSF), chaired by the Director General of the Treasury and made up of representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Interior and Justice, the Bank of Italy, the National Corporation and Stock Exchange Commission, the Institute for Oversight of Private Insurance and Collective Interests, the Unit of Financial Information, the Customs Police (Guardia di Finanza), the Antimafia Investigative Division, the Carabinieri Corps and the national anti-mafia division.

This site offers a panorama of the restrictive measures adopted within the CFSP framework and currently in force. It also contains a list of all the individuals, groups and bodies on which such financial restrictions are in effect.

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