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Governo Italiano

Integrated promotion of ITALY around the WORLD


Integrated promotion of ITALY around the WORLD

The Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation has established the pillars for developing synergy between economic, cultural and scientific diplomacy through the diplomatic and consular network and Italian Institutes of Culture.

1. DESIGN. The main event is the 21st Triennale di Milano (2nd April-12th September). Design is also the subject of the International Italian Language Week in October. The Directorate General will also be coordinating the activities of a design working group involving trade associations, universities and research centres.

2. ARCHAEOLOGY AND PROTECTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE. Italy is a main player in protecting cultural heritage in crisis areas: on 16 February, a MoU was signed with UNESCO to set up an Italian task force of "cultural blue helmets". In addition the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is funding more than 170 Italian archaeological missions around the world.

3. ITALIAN MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD. Working with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is supporting the internationalisation of Italian museums with exhibitions and tours of works of art overseas. In July, the International Council of Museums in Milan will provide an opportunity to set up international partnerships. Prestigious exhibitions are planned this year, including Raffaello in Moscow, Botticelli in Tokyo and Titian in Prague.

4. CONTEMPORARY ART AROUND THE WORLD. Promotion is boosted by the works held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Collection.

5. ITALIAN LANGUAGE. Working with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reviewing rules on the teaching of Italian, in order to achieve a more widespread inclusion of our language in the educational curriculum of overseas schools. In October, the "Italian Language in the World States General" in Florence will provide an opportunity to present a new Portal for Italian Language Abroad.

6. INVEST YOUR TALENT IN ITALY. Foreign talent to assist with the internationalisation of Italian businesses: this is the challenge of the Invest Your Talent in Italy 2.0 programme to increase the competitiveness of the country's economy, strengthening the internationalisation of businesses and universities, teaming up institutions with the private sector. The 2016-17 programme has involved 600 students from ten focus countries considered to be priorities for the internationalisation of our country. The best talents will attend specialisation courses in Italy, followed by business traineeships.

7. FINE ITALIAN COOKERY AROUND THE WORLD. EXPO 2015 confirmed the value of Italian fine cookery as a showcase for our food and agriculture sector. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and Agriculture are undertaking promotional initiatives in priority countries (United States, Russia, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates), in the context of the United Nations and with specific initiatives during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In November, the diplomatic and consular network will be organising an “Italian Cookery Week”.

8. CULTURAL TOURISM. Working with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and ENIT, integrated cultural trails are being created that make the most of landscapes, wine and food circuits and Italian UNESCO heritage sites.

9. CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: CINEMA, AUDIOVISUALS AND PUBLISHING. This year, Italy will be attending the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. In 2017, we shall be the first Western country to attend the Tehran Book Fair as a guest of honour. In the cinema sector, we are intensifying the promotion of our work in international festivals, working with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, ANICA, ICE and RAI.

10. MEDITERRANEAN. A three-year programme is planned in the academic, scientific and artistic sectors and partnerships with companies in the area, in accordance with the 2015 Mediterranean Dialogue Conference Agenda.

11. PROMOTION OF ITALIAN SCIENCE AND RESEARCH. Activities revolve around the “Tavoli Paese” [country round tables] model, which makes the most of the research and business component. The model is already operational in China and will be extended to South Korea, Japan, United States and Israel. Promotion measures focus on innovation in particular. In this framework, the diplomatic and consular network is promoting the interactive exhibition “Italy of the Future”, created and coordinated by CNR with the Italian Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and a number of leading Italian research organisations.

12. INTEGRATED SYSTEM MISSIONS. Organisation of politically-led missions in priority countries for internationalising businesses, attracting investments and tourists, strengthening scientific and university cooperation and promoting Italian language and culture.

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