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Governo Italiano

Human Rights


Human Rights

January 27th: Holocaust Memorial DayTwenty years after its establishment in Italy, Holocaust Memorial Day reminds us of the moral imperative, well before the legal duty, to honour the victims of the Holocaust and to ensure that such a tragedy never...
International Day of EducationInternational Day of EducationThe Farnesina joins the celebrations on the Second International Day of Education, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Italy considers education as a...
Del Re: Migrants - evacuation from Libya a mustSpeaking at the Global Summit on Refugees in Geneva, Deputy Minister Del Re called for "an international initiative to promote the Italian model of humanitarian corridors for a more comprehensive migration policy,...
Del Re opens an event to mark World Human Rights Day Del Re opens an event to mark World Human Rights Day Deputy Foreign Minister Emanuela Del Re opened the celebrations of the World Human Rights Day at the Farnesina. Italy “very successfully” passed the last oral exam of...
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The protection and the promotion of human rights

The protection and the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms reflect the principles of the Italian legal system and, at the same time, represent key elements in ensuring international peace and security.

Italy is strongly committed to protecting and promoting human rights around the world through bilateral and multilateral initiatives, both at the global and at the regional level. These initiatives aim at enhancing common standards in the field of human rights and at strengthening the monitoring mechanisms for their observance and implementation. Italy’s commitment is inspired by an inclusive approach which is respectful of diversity and based on the universality, indivisibility and interdependence of human rights.

The action of the Government and of the Italian institutions is combined with the action of the civil society and of NGOs and associations engaged on these fields at the national and international level.

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