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Governo Italiano

Human Rights


Human Rights

Foreign Ministry Note - MyanmarItaly strongly condemns the wave of arrests in Myanmar and calls for the immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi and of all the arrested political leaders. The will of the people, clearly expressed at the latest...
Belarus: Sereni calls for freedom of information and the release of arrested journalists“In democratic societies, freedom of information plays an essential role in ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental liberties,” said the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marina Sereni, speaking at...
IranItaly firmly condemns the execution in Teheran, on 31 December, of Mohammad Hassan Rezaei, who was only 16 years old when he committed the crime for which he was sentenced to death. In line with our strong commitment...
Sereni: “The death penalty, Italy is mobilised for a moratorium” (Il Riformista)Today, the UN General Assembly will be called to vote on the resolution for a universal moratorium on the death penalty. Despite the pandemic crisis, the Italian Government has dedicated great attention, in recent...
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The protection and the promotion of human rights

The protection and the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms reflect the principles of the Italian legal system and, at the same time, represent key elements in ensuring international peace and security.

Italy is strongly committed to protecting and promoting human rights around the world through bilateral and multilateral initiatives, both at the global and at the regional level. These initiatives aim at enhancing common standards in the field of human rights and at strengthening the monitoring mechanisms for their observance and implementation. Italy’s commitment is inspired by an inclusive approach which is respectful of diversity and based on the universality, indivisibility and interdependence of human rights.

The action of the Government and of the Italian institutions is combined with the action of the civil society and of NGOs and associations engaged on these fields at the national and international level.

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