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Office of the National Authority - Structure and Tasks


Office of the National Authority - Structure and Tasks

The Office of the National Authority for the Implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (CWC) has been established pursuant to Article 9 of Law No 496 of 18 November 1995, subsequently replaced by Art. 6 of Law No 93 of 4 April 1997, which reads as follows: "Article 9. - 1. In accordance with Article VII, paragraph 4 of the Convention, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is designated as the National Authority." And, in paragraph 2, "For the performance of the functions entrusted to the National Authority …(…)… a directing level Office shall be established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…".
In order to fulfil the provisions of Law No 93/97 the Office shall, inter alia:

  • interact with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and with the National Authorities of other States Parties to the Convention;
  • conclude Facility Agreements;
  • submit an annual report to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the status of the implementation of the Convention and on the obligations met;
  • collect data on the production, stockpiling, use, transfer, import and export of the chemicals referred to in the Convention from the Departments concerned;
  • provide for verification measures, including inspections, concerning plants and activities subject to the obligations envisaged by the Convention

A Consultative Committee, subject to ministerial regulation, has also been established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is chaired by the Head of the Office and consists of representatives of the ministries and industrial associations concerned with the CWC implementation.

As established by Law No. 484 of 15 December 1998, the Office is also responsible for the obligations under "the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" (CTBT), to which Italy is a State Party, adopted in 1996 by the United Nations General Assembly.

In order to carry out the above-mentioned activities, the Office avails itself of its own personnel, which in turn, is supported by that of the other ministries concerned, as well as by contracted experts.

The Office is located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome within the Directorate General for Political Affairs. It also has a Technical Operative Unit (UTO), mainly consisting of contracted experts for specific activities and issues, detached to the premises of the military facilities "La Bulgarella".

The National CTBT Data Centre is set up at the same location and it is managed by the Office.

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