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Governo Italiano

Ottawa Convention


Ottawa Convention

If, within the context of the CCW Protocol II of 1996 limiting the use of land mines, a substantial group of States, numbering 122 by now and of which Italy is one, have also signed the Ottowa Convention, which places a total ban on the use of anti-personnel mines.

Signed on 3 December 1997, Italy ratified the Convention on the use, stockpiling, production or transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction on 23 April 1999 through Law no. 106/1999. Italy’s commitment in this field precedes the signing of the Ottawa Convention with Law no. 374/1997, and it went on to define regulations for the banning of anti-personnel mines.

Italy actively participates in the application of the convention on both diplomatic as well as humanitarian fronts. Indeed, Italy dynamically took part in the latest conference of September 2006, playing a leading role in efforts to clean-up explosive residues in Southern Lebanon and, with a view to making actions in this sector more effective, instituting the Humanitarian Demining Fund though Law no. 58/2001 for the funding of integrated demining programmes.

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