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OSCE has a great deal of experience in the field of conflict and crisis prevention and management and, above all, in light of its multi-dimensional approach to security, contributes to the international community’s anti-terrorism efforts. Beginning in 2001 that organisation has been confronting this theme from the standpoint of human rights and police cooperation as well as the struggle against illegal trafficking. These activities are given concrete form in the organisation of workshops for the exchange of best practices among its 56 participating members.

Its latest ministerial council was held in Madrid on 29 and 30 November 2007,during which the 56 participating states approved a decision on the protection of infrastructures from terrorist acts (decision 06/0: Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure From Terrorist Attack) as well as one on collaboration among institutions and the private sector (decision 05/07: Public Private Partnership in Countering Terrorism)

Decision 06/07 proposes to encourage the measures contained in the G8 Action Plan on the Global Energy Security adopted in 2006 at St. Petersburg recommending the exchange of best practices among the 56 OSCE members in the protection of energy infrastructures as well as the greater involvement of the private sector.
Decision 05/07 assigns the OSCE Secretariat the task of promoting cooperation between the public and private sectors also in the identification and protection of critical infrastructures through the organisation of seminars and workshops.

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