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Governo Italiano

General Election 24-25 February 2013


General Election 24-25 February 2013


With Presidential Decree no. 226 of 22 December 2012, published in Official Journal no. 229 of 24 December 2012, the elections for the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic were called. The election will take place in Italy on 24 and 25 February 2012.

Voters living abroad and certain specific categories of Italian nationals temporarily abroad for reasons of service or international missions can vote by post in these elections.


Voting is a right enshrined in the Italian Constitution. Under Law 459 of 27 December 2001, Italian citizens living abroad and enrolled in the voting register of the foreign constituency are entitled to vote by post. To this end, we recommend that citizens check their details, including their address, at their consulate, and make any amendments that may be necessary.

Alternatively, citizens living abroad may opt to vote in Italy, in their own municipality (village, town or city). To do so, they must inform their consulate in writing of their choice (option), within the timescale envisaged by law. The choice (option) to vote in Italy applies only for one election.

Italian citizens wishing to vote in Italy must inform their consulate in writing. The notification MUST REACH THE CONSULATE no later than 3 JANUARY 2013 (10th day following the day the election was called).

The notification may be written on plain paper [i.e. without revenue stamps] and – to be valid – must contain the voter’s first name, surname, date and place of birth, place of residence and signature. To submit their notification, voters may also use the form available from consulates, “patronati”, associations, or COMITES. The form can also be downloaded from the Foreign Ministry’s website ( or from the website of the voter’s consulate.

If the declaration is not delivered in person, it must be accompanied by a copy of the declarer’s identity document.

As envisaged by law, it is the voter’s responsibility to ensure and check that the notification of their option, if sent by post, reaches their consulate in good time.

Voters who have chosen to vote in Italy in the forthcoming General Election will receive from their municipal council a card-notification to vote – in polling stations in Italy – for the candidates in the national constituencies, and not the candidates of the Foreign Constituency.

For voters who decide to return to Italy to vote, the law does not envisage any type of reimbursement of travelling expenses. Reduced fares are, however, envisaged for travel within Italy.

Voters may revoke their decision to vote in Italy. To do so they must inform their consulate in writing – sending the notification by post or delivering it in person – under the same conditions and within the same timescale as envisaged for exercising the option, i.e. no later than 3 JANUARY 2013.

Voters living abroad and registered with the Register of Italians Living Abroad (Anagrafe degli italiani residenti all'estero – AIRE) who have not exercised the option to vote in Italy will receive their voting pack, from their consulate, at their home address. The pack contains their ballot paper and instructions on how to exercise their vote. Voters should follow the instructions carefully and make sure they send their pre-stamped envelope – containing the anonymised enveloped which in turn contains their completed ballot paper – to their Consulate by the date indicated.

Any voter who does not receive their voting pack by 10 February 2013 should go in person to their Consulate to check on their voting status. If their name is already included in the list of voters held by the Consulate, they can obtain a duplicate voting pack. If their name is not included in the list, they can ask the Consulate to begin the procedure to add their name to the list of voters.

Any requests for clarification of the provisions of the law governing voting abroad should be sent to

Information concerning individual voters’ position on the Register of Italians Living Abroad, or concerning their voting position, may only be provided by their consulates.

Information on postal voting for Italian nationals temporarily abroad for reasons of service or international missions (in Italian only)





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