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Exhibition: “Extraordinary Stories of Invisible Lives”, disabled in Serbia



Exhibition: “Extraordinary Stories of Invisible Lives”, disabled in Serbia

Mario Boccia’s photo exhibition “Extraordinary Stories of Invisible Lives”, organised by the Italian Cooperation for the week on the disabled and social inclusion held this March in Belgrade is back with a correlated film documentary by Emanuele Cicconi and Jelena Rosić.

Many Serbian cities offered to host the show, and its tour begins in the city of Niš (European House, 15-22 May), going on to Vranje, (Gallery of the National Museum, 29 May - 5 June), Novi Sad (Fine Arts Academy, 10-15 June), Leskovac (Cultural Centre, 16-21 June) and Kragujevac (Student Culture Centre, 22-29 June).

The exhibition will be mounted in Vojvodina in the months of October and December, to open the film event on social inclusion and diversity among peoples, held for the last 7 years in Novi Sad and other cities of the province. It will also play a part in an awareness-raising programme planned in conjunction with the world disabled rights day (3 December) organised by the City of Novi Sad. The exhibition and documentary film by the same name were sponsored by the Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.



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