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New Italian monthly foreign policy journal “Longitude”



New Italian monthly foreign policy journal “Longitude”
The first Italian monthly foreign policy journal “Longitude” to be published in English and distributed around the world. This public diplomacy initiative arose from an idea contributed by Pialuisa Bianco, head of the MFA Strategic Forum and editor in chief of the journal, the first issue of which is already on the newsstands with a focus on Europe and a special report on Turkey. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for all the actors of System Italy, an opportunity that no one wants to miss”, writes Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini in hi message welcoming “Longitude” as the “fruit of a courageous and independent publishing initiative that aims to illustrate our foreign policy decisions”, involving citizens and fostering healthy debate. In addition to that of Frattini, the first issue of the journal features articles by the foreign ministry’s Secretary General Giampiero Massolo on “diplomacy’s new goals” and Head of Minister Frattini’s Private Staff Pasquale Terracciano. “Longitude” is not intended as an institutional journal, but one that, as Pialuisa Bianco explains in her opening words, seeks to reach the economic community, decision-makers and also the institutions of the world. “Every month “Longitude” will show how Italy is a living laboratory, producing structured proposals and feasibility studies that contribute to the international debate. Strategic analysis without a pragmatic approach”, the editor stresses, “risks getting lost in the void. Opinion-makers, speaking from their lofty towers, can obviously be intelligent and farsighted but mainly aspire to demonstrate the validity of their theories; they do not impact on decisions. With great humility, we intend to perform careful analyses of a wide range of contingent situations and attempt to map possible options as incisively and realistically as possible”.



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