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Focus-Libya - Frattini: we support efforts for a peaceful solution



Focus-Libya - Frattini: we support efforts for a peaceful solution

“Italy supports all efforts under way” for a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict, and that goes for Bani Walid and Surt, Minister Frattini asserted in his report to the Lower House on developments in the situation. According to the minister, it is also essential to “avoid vendettas, reprisals and blood baths”, when it comes to dealing with those involved with the Gaddafi regime.

As for the country’s future, Frattini explained that a provisory government of the NTC was expected in Tripoli within two weeks, which should form a government of national unity, which will also have the support of the UN. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the minister explained, has proposed a resolution for a “UN integrated political mission” in Libya with the “task of assisting the transitional authority” in the development of a road map for the transition. The UN, he added, is thinking of an “unarmed military observers mission” to monitor and train police forces, which would mean a “key role” for Italy’s logistical base in Brindisi”.

Regarding bilateral relations with Italy, Frattini pointed out that “the future begins with the reactivation of the Friendship Treaty”, which the NTC has already requested, with revisions to be addressed together. The minister assured that “we were and we remain Libya’s top bilateral partner” in the field of energy, because “strategic and energy interests in Libya” have been guaranteed. Frattini also mentioned the late August agreement between ENI and the NTC to reactivate the Greenstream gas pipeline in October.

Italy’s new ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi, will arrive in Tripoli on 15 September, Frattini reported; he also expressed his hope in the “appointment of an EU representative” in Libya to coordinate European efforts “on the ground” and a Libya-EU association agreement.




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