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Cooperation: reconstruction initiatives



Cooperation: reconstruction initiatives
  • An Italian Development Cooperation Office was opened in Benghazi on 22 May 2011. One expert from the Directorate General for Development Cooperation (Italian initials DGDC) is currently working in Benghazi and another two have been in Tripoli since early October to maintain contacts with the international focal points. In addition, at Libya’s express request, a strategic planning expert and an aid coordination expert will soon be selected and sent to the Ministry for Reconstruction (the tender notices have already been published).
  • Libyan stabilisation team (Italy, UK, USA). Italian Development Cooperation took part in May and June 2011 in the international team tasked with identifying sectors and priorities for the international community’s initiatives in Libya in the immediate post-conflict period. A further contribution to this goal was provided by the report drawn up by the United Nations Special Advisor, Ian Martin. The report confirms the team’s findings.
  • Civil Protection. The second DGDC/Civil Protection/Fire Service mission is currently under way in Benghazi. Its aim is to structure a capacity-building project for the authorities there to help them reorganise the civil protection system and improve the local fire service’s fire-fighting capacity. During their previous mission, the Civil Protection and Fire Service teams expressed their intention to donate three fire engines to Benghazi Airport, whose equipment does not meet the minimum international standards.
  • Children. The DGDC plans to finance a programme, to be implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), to help children deal with war trauma. The initiative will involve those Libyan cities where the fighting was most intense. The Italian contribution will be submitted for approval at the next Management Committee meeting.
  • Agriculture. Two initiatives are currently under way: a) to set up an Agricultural Research and Experimentation Centre in Tobruk, and b) to improve the cultivation of date palms in the Al Jufra oasis. The Tobruk Centre should soon be handed over to the Libyan authorities.



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