5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference
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5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference



5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference

18.30 - La Francesca, three pilot projects

In the context of the session dedicated to best practices in industrial and financial cooperation between Italy and the countries of Latin America, and in SME development, Italian ambassador to Brasilia Gherardo La Francesca presented the 'Pernambuco' model, already making use of three pilot projects in the car and ship building and marble sectors.  As the ambassador explained, they began by mapping out existing bilateral relations, where “trade was measured as having increased by 37% in the first half of 2011, and the number of Italian firms operating in Brazil had increased by 200 (currently 585) as compared with the previous year”; as for development opportunities, La Francesca pointed out that, over the past 5 years, Brazil’s poorer states had grown more than the wealthier ones (Maranao’s +6,4% compared with Sao Paolo’s +4,3). They then concentrated on plans for investing in Brazil: infrastructure, public housing, accelerated growth and preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games and 2016 World Soccer Cup. Finally, 10 sectors were singled out as being of interest to Italy, for which there are already “three ideas for pilot projects: car manufacturing in Pernambuco, with FIAT about to open a new factory there; shipyards in Santa Caterina and Amazonas; marble and granite works in Espirito Santo”, the ambassador explained, specifying that “we will consult on the training of skilled labour and on accessing credit”.

17.15 - Scotti, su cooperazione economica con il Brasile

Il modello di collaborazione economica tra Italia e Brasile "si può porre all'attenzione di tutti i paesi dell'America Latina per rafforzare la cooperazione industriale ed il trasferimento di tecnologie". Lo ha detto il Sottosegretario agli Esteri Vincenzo Scotti a margine dei lavori della V Conferenza Italia-America Latina in corso alla Farnesina. Scotti chiuderà domani, giovedì i lavori della Conferenza dedicata all’approfondimento di tre temi: le “Best practices” nella cooperazione industriale e finanziaria tra Italia e Paesi latinoamericani e lo sviluppo delle PMI;  la sicurezza democratica e la strategia di sicurezza in America Centrale;  le politiche economiche per l’integrazione, con particolare riguardo agli ultimi sviluppi relativi alla crisi economica globale ed ai meccanismi di consolidamento della governance finanziaria nei due blocchi regionali (America Latina e UE).

15.30 - Goals of university cooperation

The role of the university as a driver for development, increased mobility of students and researchers in both directions, increases in study grants,  training and research in close collaboration with the business and production world: these were some of the main topics of the first conference on cooperation between Italy and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place at the foreign ministry in Rome within the context of the 5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference. A series of pilot projects were examined in the sectors of infrastructure, food industry, automotive, renewable energy, cultural treasures, design, industrial design, biogenetics, the environment, security and the geographic areas with which Italy has more established economic relations. The importance of those governments’ commitment to streamlining legislation regarding mutual recognition of educational credentials was also emphasized.
Participants in the meeting included Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Prof. Vincenzo Scotti, Secretary of State for Education, Universities and Research Prof. Giuseppe Pizza, the Directors General of the two ministries, Vice President of the Conference of University Rectors (CRUI) Prof. Giovanni Puglisi, and representatives of Universities, UNI-ITALIA, the Italo-Latin American Institute, the Italian regions, national research institutes, the Confindustria and Italian firms operating in those countries.

14.30 - Timerman on Made in Italy

Manufacturing excellence, quality and design: Latin America must “reap the benefits of this know how” coming from Italy, asserted Argentina’s foreign minister Hector Timerman, speaking at the 5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference at the foreign ministry in Rome. According to the Argentine minister, needed are “strategic associations with private and public Italian organizations in order to identify which of Argentina’s products are marketable in Europe under a sort of “doc” label”. Moreover, Italy “can support our industrial clusters”. As for the world situation, “the crisis looms” but Latin America, a continent on a growth spurt, “can make its contribution” through “new synergies” with other global actors, Timerman explained, adding however that was it necessary “to review the role of financial organizations and place greater emphasis on growth and employment”. The year 2011, according to Timerman, has been a year of reviving relations between Italy and Argentina, and a year of intense work with Minister Frattini, who has pledged to sign an historic political, economic and social agreement”.


There is a “common strategy” that binds Italy and the countries of Latin America, founded on a “multilateral approach to resolving international crises. Today’s Latin America is part of the solution to the world’s problems, and no longer part of the problem, as in the past”, Minister Franco Frattini said as he opened the 5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference at the foreign ministry in Rome. “There are projects, including a truly great one for Brazil, that we will be introducing today, on the role that SME clusters can play in Latin America, Frattini explained, adding that a system mission was planned for the coming spring “with over one hundred Italian firms and three or four ministries, which will lead to further strengthening economic relations between Italy and Brazil”. According to Frattini, also on the political plane, “countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico are major actors, not only because they are members of the G20 but because they pull their weight in international forums”.


The President of the Republic sent the following message to Minister Franco Frattini today for the participants of the 5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference taking place at the foreign ministry in Rome: “This regularly scheduled event, now in its fifth edition, bears witness to Italy’s unwavering desire to deepen its direct and constructive dialogue with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. This year’s conference intends to go beyond strictly bilateral themes to consider the processes under way in Latin America to foster industrial collaboration and stronger democratic security. What emerges is compelling encouragement for initiatives aimed at greater regional integration. My compliments to Latin America on all its various successes; the continent that you represent is asserting itself on a global stage, driven especially by the recent economic dynamism of some major countries. The challenge the euro-zone is facing today is partly due to tensions that are affecting the entire world economy; it calls for rigour and discipline in the governing of European economies, but also for the solidarity, cohesion and careful and coordinated governance of the entire international community. Latin America, rich in human and economic energies and potential, can play an important role in preventing an economic and social tempest that would be devastating for everyone. I am confident that our efforts will be able to produce new strains of thought and action leading to the development of even more fruitful relations between Italy and Latin and Caribbean America”.

5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference

The 5th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference will be held on 5 and 6 October 2011 at the foreign ministry in Rome. Minister Frattini will open the sessions at 10:00 on Wednesday 5 October, and Secretary Vincenzo Scotti will close them at 13:00 on Thursday the 6th.

Attending the conference will be representatives of Latin American governments, heads of leading international and regional organisations and the most authoritative representatives of Italian institutions and economic spheres.

A biennial event organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the l’Istituto Italo-Latino Americano (IILA), the Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI), the regional administration of Lombardy and other bodies and institutions that make up the consultative committee for Italy-Latin America Conferences, the event provides the main forum for encounter between Italy and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The conference’s 5th edition will be divided into three sessions dedicated to the following themes: 1) best practices in industrial and financial cooperation between Italy and the countries of Latin America, SME development; 2) democratic security and security strategies in Central America; 3) economic integration policies, with a special focus on the latest developments in the global economic crisis and mechanisms for strengthening financial governance in the two regions (Latin America and the EU).



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