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Syria: Bonino, intervention unfeasible without UN mandate



Syria: Bonino, intervention unfeasible without UN mandate

Any military intervention in Syria without a mandate from the UN Security Council is unfeasible”, said Minister for Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino during a Radio Radicale Forum, in which she urged consideration of the possible reactions of Russia and Iran. “We are going to have to avoid turning an international tragedy into a global one. “And even “option 1” of a limited intervention risks becoming unlimited”, she added, underscoring that before undertaking any action it is going to be necessary to “consider it a thousand times over, because the repercussions could be dramatic”.

All countries admit intervention complexity

The same countries pressing for a military solution in Syria are realising the complexity of such an option, Bonino pointed out, recalling the example of her French colleague Laurent Fabius, who has spoken of “the not insignificant problems of intervening without a UN mandate”. Moreover, those countries, such as the UK, are going to have to “consider the opinion of their public and parliament”, which could get in the way of a military intervention.

Alternatives such as exile for Assad

The UN Security Council’s “unanimous” stance “could lead to alternatives that are not necessarily military” in Syria, such as Assad’s “referral to the International Criminal Court” or an “international campaign for his exile”.

Chemical weapons: all proof must be shared with the UN

Any country that “says it has sure proof” of the use of chemical weapons by Assad should make it available in “those places designated for assessment and dissemination with the UN Security Council”, the minister added, underscoring that dissemination would serve to avoid “anyone pulling for their own purposes”.



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