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Libya: Mogherini, accord on international effort – Lisbon ministerial meeting of 5+5 Dialogue



Libya: Mogherini, accord on international effort – Lisbon ministerial meeting of 5+5 Dialogue
Paving the way to dialogue and national reconciliation involving all the parties in Libya with the support of the international community. This was what was agreed by the foreign ministers of the 5+5 Dialogue who met in Lisbon, maintaining the approach outlined at the Conference in Rome on 6 March, which was repeatedly mentioned in today’s meeting. 

Strong message to the international community

Mogherini called for the meeting to send a “strong message” urging the international community’s commitment to supporting the “process of democratic construction that is all Libyans responsibility”, appealing to the need for “national dialogue” involving all parties in the construction of a stable State”. To that end, the foreign ministers agreed a meeting of special envoys for Libya would be held in Tunis on 2 June.

Summit in Malta during Italian EU presidency

Other topics on the Lisbon meeting agenda included regional security, development and migration. On this latter theme, Italy announced a summit in Malta to be held during the Italian duty presidency of the Council of the European Union. The 5+5 Dialogue ministers also launched an appeal for the adoption of “appropriate measures by all the parties concerned and, in particular the EU, to see to it that these tragedies are not repeated”.

The role of the UN

“We are working toward the UN being the coordinator of international support”, in Libya, the minister said in an interview before the Lisbon summit. “Our efforts will be directed toward the UN’s coordination of the interventions of individual nations; we must concentrate our political and assistance actions. We must not make mistakes in Libya that would worsen the situation. Military action of any sort is not only something we hope against, it is not even conceivable”.

Concern for the situation in Libya

“We are concerned because the situation risks spinning out of control”, underscored Minister Mogherini, who announced a meeting in Lisbon with the Libyan foreign minister, to whom, she said, “I will convey the suggestions that we will share with the other European countries and the western part of North Africa: first and foremost, that all the parties concerned in Libya should work together to build a democratic future; and then the road to national dialogue that will lead to public order and security”.

Mediterranean focus during Italian EU presidency

“The Mediterranean will be at the centre of Italy’s European presidency”, stated Minister Mogherini, underscoring that the Italian government would spare no effort in bringing “the EU’s attention back to the Mediterranean”, fully convinced that “approaches to the east and to the south are not in competition but complementary”.



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