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06/30/2014EU: Presidency 'Trio' – working together for growth and development, looking to the East and South in Detail
06/30/2014Italy – Cuba: new foreign investment law presented in Detail
06/30/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - India: Unioncamere ER presents food industry study in Detail
06/30/2014Vienna - Presentation of 23rd edition of Mittelfest in Detail
06/30/2014Italy-Greenland - Ambassador Palmas visits Nuuk in Detail
06/30/2014Czech Republic - Italian exports soar: up14, 5% in Detail
06/30/2014EU: Presidency 'Trio' in Rome - Mogherini meets with foreign ministers of Luxembourg and Latvia in Detail
06/30/2014Civitella Val di Chiana massacre: Ministers Mogherini and Steinmeier at 70th anniversary in Detail
06/27/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - China: Fiat - Gac oaunches construction of new factory in Canton in Detail
06/27/2014Moscow - Exhibition on Giuseppe Verdi in Detail
06/27/2014Argentina - 'Verano Italiano' presents "Exodus" in Detail
06/27/2014Italia-China - Cultural diplomacy, conference in Beijing in Detail
06/27/2014EU: Mogherini's Copenhagen mission - Italian EU Presidency a 'new season' for Europe in Detail
06/27/2014Common messages aimed at raising awareness among EU citizens and businesses regarding involvement in financial and economic activities in the settlements in Detail
06/26/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Spagna: 21% Aena a privati con gara 28% in Borsa (in translation) in Detail
06/26/2014UN - 1000 young people in Rome for diplomacy simulation in Detail
06/26/2014Haifa - Children’s reading labs in Detail
06/26/2014Scotland - Italy commemorates war prisoners held in the Orkneys in Detail
06/26/2014Growth Diplomacy - Cuba presents itself to Italy, events in Rome and Milan in Detail
06/26/2014Canada - Montreal dedicates retrospective to Paolo Virzi' in Detail
06/25/2014Mogherini at NATO ministers meeting - Ukraine and Iraq dominate talks in Detail
06/25/2014Diplomazia Economica Italiana - 25 June: Latest World News, compiled in collaboration with Il Sole 24 ORE Radiocor in Detail
06/25/2014"Italy of the Future" exhibit in Stockholm in Detail
06/25/2014#Farnesina - Bignardi, Italy still the dream of thenew Albania in Detail
06/25/2014The Great War - Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio in Sarajevo in Detail

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