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09/30/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore – EU: TechItaly 2014 programme opens with session at the European Parliament in Detail
09/30/2014EU: Pistelli calls for stronger cooperation between civil protection and humanitarian aid in Detail
09/29/2014La Nazionale diplomatici in campo all’insegna di solidarietà, beneficenza e legalità (in translation) in Detail
09/29/2014Anche questa è “Europa” (in translation) in Detail
09/29/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Germany presents draft legislation on electric and hydrogen vehicles in Detail
09/26/2014Ukraine: OSCE and G7 committed to crisis in Detail
09/26/2014Italy at the UN General Assembly. Summary of meetings, proposals and initiatives in Detail
09/26/2014Farnesina and CNR for the night of the researcher in Lecce in Detail
09/26/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - USA: delivery of the 200th AW139 produced in Philadelphia in Detail
09/26/2014Usa -"Macchiaioli" for the first time in October in Detail
09/26/2014China - Turin Polytechnic and CEI Piemonte in Chongqing in Detail
09/26/2014Uruguay - Embassy mission to Colonia and Dolores in Detail
09/26/2014London - Virzi' - “Oscar-anxiety” in Detail
09/25/2014Italy in the United Nations in Detail
09/25/2014UN: G7 Deauville Partnership in Detail
09/25/2014UN: meeting on death penalty moratorium in Detail
09/25/2014Ebola emergency – Italian Cooperation intervention plan in Detail
09/25/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Slovakia preparing call for tenders for Bratislava motorway bypass in Detail
09/25/2014Shanghai - Architetti italiani in mostra (in translation) in Detail
09/25/2014Usa - Cameristi Scala e Manara per semestre Ue (in translation) in Detail
09/24/2014Somalia Summit – Italy’s role in stabilisation and national reconciliation in Detail
09/24/2014UN: the role of women in food security. Mogherini, Italy’s contribution. The “Women for Expo” initiative in Detail
09/24/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Kuwait: sospende norme offset per appalti pubblici (in translation) in Detail
09/24/2014Argentina - Torna il grande cinema italiano (in translation) in Detail
09/24/2014Quirinale - Delegazione scuole italiane all'estero (in translation) in Detail

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