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09/12/2014#Farnesina: Italy’s culinary arts arrive in space in Detail
09/11/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Poland: Ferrero to expand its Belsk production facility in Detail
09/11/2014Barcelona - Italy’s Oscar-winning films in Spain in Detail
09/10/2014Anti-ISIS Regional powers must be involved; I’ve spoken with Ukrainian foreign minister, the ceasefire is holding in Detail
09/10/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Uganda: EU launches support for companies interested in Ugandan market in Detail
09/10/2014Los Angeles - Challenging convention at Juxtapoz Italiano in Detail
09/10/2014Montreal - Discovering Marco Polo and his fabulous journey to the East in Detail
09/10/2014Toronto - Wine, film and Italy with “Natural Resistance” in Detail
09/10/2014Brasile - Visita del vice presidente della Camera Sereni (in translation) in Detail
09/10/2014Naples - "Italy for Business" in Detail
09/09/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - France: NoemaLife wins contract for 5 hospitals in Detail
09/09/2014Anti-ISIS coalition outside of NATO - Involve Arab and Islamic countries, provide humanitarian aid and control financial flows in Detail
09/09/2014Italy-USA: Student exchanges on the increase in Detail
09/09/2014Lima - I "termini del discorso" (in translation) in Detail
09/09/2014Milano-Melbourne - 10 anni di gemellaggio, tanti eventi (in translation) in Detail
09/09/2014Tirana - “Confini” project: new exhibition featuring Agostino Ferrari in Detail
09/09/2014Amburgo - Musica e cibo per l'Italian Aperitif (in translation) in Detail
09/08/2014Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Italian company ITEC invests in Tetovo “Free Zone” in Detail
09/08/2014Repubblica Ceca - "La Puglia in festa" in mostra a Praga (in translation) in Detail
09/08/2014Shanghai - Ricordato l'esodo ebraico durante la II Guerra Mondiale (in translation) in Detail
09/08/2014Bulgaria - L'Italia tra opera e jazz (in translation) in Detail
09/08/2014Budapest - Arriva 'Suoni italiani di ieri e oggi' (in translation) in Detail
09/07/2014Mogherini deeply saddened by killing of nuns in Burundi in Detail
09/05/2014Vienna: Brunello Cucinelli store opens in Vienna’s luxury shopping district in Detail
09/05/2014Mozambique signs peace agreement with RENAMO and thanks Italy for its mediation in Detail

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