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#Farnesina: Fashion and Diplomacy: dialogue grows in the name of Made in ItalyInterview with representatives of the Maison Gattinoni



#Farnesina: Fashion and Diplomacy: dialogue grows in the name of Made in ItalyInterview with representatives of the Maison Gattinoni
How important is the link between the fashion sector and Italian diplomatic network’s activities? Stefano Dominella and Guillermo Mariotto, respectively President and Creative Director of the Maison Gattinoni, explain in an interview conducted by the Farnesina’s multimedia desk and Il Velino/PEI News.
The Farnesina and internationalisation in “deep crisis”
The diplomatic network can be fundamental to showcasing Made in Italy beyond our borders and help in the internationalisation of Italian products. An example of how diplomacy can help businesses find new commercial outlets in emerging markets emerges from the recent missions completed by historic Italian fashion house Maison Gattinoni to Oman and Vietnam. In a moment of “deep crisis”, our country, Gattinoni president Stefano Dominella underscores, “if we are not helped by institutions in the internationalisation of our product, the fashion sector firms — 333,000 in Italy with EUR 51 billion in turnover annually — will continue to close, as has been happening over recent years”.
With this in mind, “the Farnesina has been working hard toward the internationalisation of enterprise, and not least of the fashion sector”, Dominella points out.
“Diplomacy is dialogue. We must dialogue through Italy’s beautiful things”
Gattinoni Creative Director Guillermo Mariotto’s creations carry the Italian banner high, and have made the brand an ambassador for Made in Italy. Shuttling between atelier and runway, but also in contact with diplomacy, the art is one of dialogue. “Diplomacy is dialogue. We must dialogue through Italy’s beautiful things; fashion is one of these and diplomacy is useful because, in these cases, there are protocols to follow and the embassies are perfect for that. When those protocols are followed everything goes smoothly”.
“High fashion in Italy”, Mariotto continues, “means travel, is an excellent calling card; we produce extremely high quality fashion and that requires travel; the embassies are useful mainly for events and to foreground that beauty that we take with us around the world”. But behind fashion there is a lot more: Gattinoni has shown itself over the years to be a socially responsible company, witnessed by its runway shows devoted to freedom of the press, the environment, the euro and messages of peace, and that aim to make people think. Because, Mariotto explains, “you can often say much more with a needle and thread than with a lot of words”.
Gattinoni in Oman and Vietnam
“Oman”, the president of Gattinoni adds, “is a truly amazing country, still so little known and in such rapid evolution, which preserves its traditions — as opposed to other Emirates countries and their over-proportioned futurism. We were received very warmly thanks to the intelligence and stubbornness of Italian ambassador Paola Amadei. We held an exhibition in Mascate, the capital, and a high fashion runway show, at which the family of the Sultan and other Omani personages were present. Apart from the high society aspect, we were able to run B2B work meetings in a country that is making giant strides in business and trade and where there is an immense interest in what is coming out of Italy.  The Italian embassy”, Dominella reiterates, helped us and made this mission possible”. In Hanoi too, in Vietnam, “”we were received wonderfully, and organised a show on the history of Italian fashion, starting with Neorealist cinema and the 1950s. The event”, he recalls, “had over 4000 visitors in one week, thanks also in this case to the care and attention of Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni and his team”.



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