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Libya: Mogherini in Parliament – Italy engaged in international talks to stop the violence



Libya: Mogherini in Parliament – Italy engaged in international talks to stop the violence

“New Parliament must meet”

“It is unlikely that any winner can emerge from the fighting in Libya. If they continue along this route, they will drag the country into a bloody civil war”. That was how Minister Mogherini described the increasingly worrying situation during her appearance before the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee today.

“The clashes must be shifted from the military level to the political-institutional level in Parliament – with Libya driving the shift but with international help”, continued Mogherini. The new Parliament must meet by the scheduled date of 4 August in Tobruk, although there is talk of bringing the date forward to 2 August. Until then, “the military clashes will probably continue, because both sides are seeking to strengthen their negotiating position”.

We need to work together to prevent Libya’s situation deteriorating

“I’ve already spoken to my colleagues in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar, and I’ll be speak to the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister later on. And the Prime Minister will be in Egypt later this week”, continued Minister Mogherini. “Because we need to work hand in hand with the major countries in the region: in every scenario, we each have a different form of influence on different parties, and it makes sense to coordinate our efforts to prevent the situation from deteriorating any further”.

EU delegation moves to Tunisia

“Our Embassy is one of the few missions in Tripoli that’s stayed open”, continued Mogherini, “along with those of the United Kingdom, Malta, Romania and Hungary”. She added that the European delegation to Libya is in the process of transferring its office to Tunisia.

Minister Mogherini concluded by expressing the Government’s gratitude to the Italian Ambassador and Special Envoy for Libya, Giuseppe Buccino, for his efforts to prevent further violence. He has been making this plea in confidential meetings with all local actors.



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