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Governo Italiano

Munich - A dictionary for the right word in the right place



Munich - A dictionary for the right word in the right place

“You have to find the right words, words are so important”, says Michele – aka Nanni Moretti in his celebrated 1989 film “Palombella rossa”. In one of the Italian director’s most famous and quoted lines, he urges us to reflect on the importance of language and the fact that it is necessary to say the right words in the right context, seek to use appropriate terms and avoid overused expressions. As Pablo Neruda wrote, “the whole idea changes if one word changes place”. Discussions on 28 November at the Italian Cultural Institute of Munich on the occasion of the 14th Italian Language Week, will be of words, vocabulary, communication and the Italian language – as beautiful as it is unpredictable – with special guest Paola Tiberii, author of the “Dizionario delle collocazioni”(Zanichelli, 2012).

Over 6,000 entries and 200,000 placements

Useful to both teachers and students of Italian, as well as translators and journalists, the dictionary is the ideal tool for anyone that has need of or takes pleasure in a richer, more accurate and incisive use of language. More than just a vocabulary of synonyms and antonyms, or even a simple dictionary, the volume’s over 6,000 entries and 200,000 placements, helps to put the right word into the right context.



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