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Italy-Latin America Forum - Internationalisation a winning card for business, says Gentiloni



Italy-Latin America Forum - Internationalisation a winning card for business, says Gentiloni

“Internationalisation helps trigger a virtuous mechanism that increases firms’ capacity to diversify and determines the end uses to which production factors are put”. These were the words of Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni during the closing session of the Italy-Latin America Forum on SMEs taking place in Rome.

“Experience tells us that, conditions being equal, companies that export are more efficient than those that stick to the domestic market”, continued the foreign minister. “Supporting internationalisation includes adopting the public policy initiatives that are vital at the domestic and regional levels, as well as bureaucratic-administrative procedures to strengthen funding instruments for trade. Those are just some of the key issues on which the government is actively engaged to facilitate matters for foreign investors and Italian entrepreneurs by helping create a dependable legal and fiscal framework and reliable timescale for the necessary permits”.

Global challenges require a coordinated response

“In the face of challenges which by their very nature are global, we need shared analyses and coordinated responses”, added Minister Gentiloni. “We need to bring innovative solutions into play because during periods of crisis new inspiration can arise to grasp and exploit areas of great potential that previously were taken for granted. We are well aware of the strategic importance of small and medium-sized enterprises for our economic fabric. And we know, too, that SMEs are the main driver for a true industrialisation and the development of that fabric to generate continuity in employment and development”.



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