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Antarctica - Italy contributes to establish the vastest protected marine area in the world



Antarctica - Italy contributes to establish the vastest protected marine area in the world

Yesterday, at the 35th annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) held in Hobart, 25 Governments, including Italy’s, approved the establishment of the world’s vastest protected marine area in the region of the Ross Sea, in Antarctica.  

The region, which is as big as Italy, France, Portugal and Spain put together, is one of the most uncontaminated oceanic areas in the world and represents a delicate and complex ecosystem that the Governments of the Member Countries of CCAMLR have decided to conserve and dedicate to scientific research.

Studying this region will provide important elements on the basis of which to forecast the evolution trends for the entire Antarctic ecosystem, which are essential to know in order to protect the environment at global level.

Italy vaunts a long-standing tradition in research and scientific and logistic cooperation with other CCAMLR Member Countries in the Ross Sea region through the National Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA). Italy’s “Mario Zucchelli” Research Station is located in Terra Nova Bay, a central and strategic position in the Ross Sea region for marine research and monitoring activities.

Italy is ready to take active part in the Research and Monitoring of the Ross Sea Region Protected Marine Area and commits to cooperate with all the Countries concerned in enforcing the conservation measure passed yesterday, with the intention of conserving this important uncontaminated area of the Planet in the interest of future generations.

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