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First Italian Design Day in the World



First Italian Design Day in the World

The culture of design in Italy began during the Renaissance and developed  due to the influence between the schools of indusrial design and artistic trends, and followed diversified and innovative flows linked to territories and entrepreneurship. After World War II, Italian design symbolised the country's economic growth and became the leading element of Italy's industrial production. 

Today, like yesterday, Italian design has tangible and intangible features that have made it recognisable across the planet for its original projects, the quality of materials employed, the manufacturing of these objects, the environmentally friendly production processes (considerate of those who work at them as of those who will use them), and the distinctive characteristics of its packaging and advertising. 

Italian design combines the concreteness of traditional craftsmanship and the spirit of experimentation. By integrating the beauty of design into mass production, Italian design has fostered the coexistence of art and industry along a mutual development process.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has chosen design as one of the major assets of integrative actions for the promotion of Italian and Italian lifestyle. Italian design, in fact, permeates all the different levels of our life: from culture to industry, from science to philosophy, to the extent in which it has become a pillar of "living Italian style". Moreover, design represents a powerful engine for the Italian economy. It is worth mentioning that in a world turnover of 100 billion euros, Italian industries make up more than one-third of it. The first Italian Design in the World Day will take place almost one month after the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile [Furniture Fair] (4-9 April 2017), and follows several actions in this sector, promoted by the Farnesina, to support the 31st Triennale di Milano and the internationalisation of the Salone del Mobile, the organisation of the  16th Italian Language on  the theme of design and creative industries. 

In a world that has developed an extraordinary attraction for Italian lifestyle, Italian design has well interpreted the allure that ordinary objects can have on everyday living, turning Italy into the world's benchmark in this sector, a true laboratory that mixes cultures and experiences and attracts international talents. Creativity and projects triggered in Italy create a universal language.


It is a team activity initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Triennale di Milano, the Associazione per il Disegno industriale,  the Fondazione Compasso d’Oro, Milan's Salone del Mobile and ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, with the participation of all public and private stakeholders representing top quality Italian design. Enterprises have been called in by Confindustria, as well as public and private stakeholders in the educational sector, making up a grand total of over 50 interest groups representing associations, federations, universities and design schools.


On the same day in more than 100 cities in the world, 100 'Ambassadors' of Italian culture (designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, critics, communicators, educators) will discuss a project of excellence. The event represents an absolute 'premiere' in this field. All the events will be launched with the screening of the short-film "Delightful", created by Matteo Garrone for the upcoming Salone del Mobile.


A round table gathering together educators,  members of the media and representatives of the trade sector will initiate a debate on the features of the project, its customary phases and its processes. Testimonials will be requested in order to bring back to Italy elements of excellence from the countries they visited (handicrafts, technological innovations, construction techniques, materials, etc) so as to share them and evaluate any possible contamination.

The Italian Design Day will be repeated in 2018 to further expand research work and the selection of production sectors and examples of excellence, with the aim of organising a large exhibition showcasing all the materials, experiences and any contaminations that may have been generated.


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