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Italy's Economic Diplomacy 5 July: latest news from the world



Italy's Economic Diplomacy 5 July: latest news from the world

Uzbekistan:  the 2017-2021 renewable energy programme is ready to take off

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has signed a decree approving the country’s energy programme for 2017-2022 promoting the development of hydropower, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.The Programme is designed to substantially upgrade one of the key sectors for the country's economic growth, with a special focus on low environmental impact "green" technologies. The Programme includes 810 projects worth a total of 5.3 billion dollars.The Programme envisages the construction of 42 new hydroelectric power plants and the upgrade of 32 more, with a view to doubling the power generation capacity by 2025. The Programme also includes micro and small hydropower plants, with an installed capacity of 0.2 MW and 30 MW, respectively, also enabling renewable electricity providers to feed power into the grid.The Programme aims to increase the percentage of renewable energy sources, which are expected to rise from 12.7% to 19.7% by 2025, as well as to replace 17,251 boilers with high energy-efficient systems (saving over 56.5 million cubic metres of natural gas). It also aims to increase technology imports and to encourage the use of renewable energy sources through adequate tax and customs incentives, rationalize the use of non-renewable energy sources, promote the domestic production of energy-efficiency plants and components, support renewable energy sources and improve access to electricity in the country's rural areas.

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