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Italy's Economic Diplomacy, 8 September: latest news from the world



Italy's Economic Diplomacy, 8 September: latest news from the world

Sweden: presents its national infrastructure plan​

The Swedish Transport Administration submitted to the government its national infrastructure plan for the 2018-2029 period, outlining its proposals for projects for road, rail, sea and air transport systems, requiring financing of 622.5 billion Swedish krona (about 65.5 billion euros) in addition to income from tolls and co-financing agreements. The draft national infrastructure plan will now be sent to the various advisory bodies and the government expects to implement it by Spring 2018.

The plan's priorities include investments in the railway network, especially for the maintenance of the busiest commuting and cargo transport lines. The aim is to renew the railway network by investing in projects such as the expansion to four tracks of the Uppsala-Stockholm line, on certain sections of the Norrbotniabanan line, on the West Coast line near Helsingborg and finally on the East Coast line. Greater use of the railway network to transport goods could also be achieved by upgrading the logistics capacity on the Iron Ore line, improving the line running along the Norrland coast, and completing important sections and junctions such as Hallsberg, Mjӧlby, and Hamn. Sea infrastructure projects include the Trollhatten canal, the Malm port in Luleå and the inland waterway between Landsort and Sӧdertälje. Structural work is proposed for the national road network in order to increase road safety, with co-financing projects for the regional road network. The plan also aims to increase urban transport on bicycle paths and urban public transport with a view to improving traffic in small urban centres along the national road network as well as the quality standards of stations and hubs.


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