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The sixth meeting of the Foro delle Ambasciate Verdi



The sixth meeting of the Foro delle Ambasciate Verdi

The sixth meeting of the Foro delle Ambasciate Verdi (FOAV) [Forum of Green Embassies] was held today. The group was set up with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. It has been gathering in the past few years at foreign embassies and International Organisations based in Rome, and supports the promotion of environmental best practices. Today’s meeting focused on the presentation of environmentally-friendly projects, and more especially, the Farnesina building and organisation of the events that it hosts. It also dealt with the adoption of continually updated sustainability standards in the Italian diplomatic and consular network abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been running the Farnesina green project for some time, seeking to promote environmentally-friendly initiatives that include waste sorting, photovoltaic power production, a rational use of water, and the promotion of responsible behaviour at the workplace.

Likewise, the FAO and French Embassy to Italy have illustrated their commitment to the green management of their facilities in Rome. Further actions have been taken by the Ministry of the Environment, Organisations, and other trade companies/associations, thereby contributing to the positive exchange of experiences and ideas on the opportunities and challenges on the promotion of higher environmental standards in Italian foreign mission buildings.

FOAV’s commitment to building a green diplomatic community in Rome proves how diplomacy is committed not only to global fora, but also to the daily protection of the environment.

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