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Governo Italiano

“Visa Policy in Support of the Italian Economy"



“Visa Policy in Support of the Italian Economy

The event entitled “Visa Policy in Support of the Italian Economy”, that the Foreign Ministry organised for Italian business people, bankers, financiers and professionals, was aimed at attracting resources, capital, know-how and innovation to Italy simply by streamlining the visa granting procedure for investors, businessmen and people wanting to take up their residence in Italy for tax purposes.   

               The Foreign Ministry, in coordination with their diplomatic and consular offices, announced launching the challenge to release entry visas to business people in only 48 hours. Moreover, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Foreign Ministry presented the new Investor Visa for Italy, the special visa for people wanting to invest in Italy, the Italia Startup Visa, a simplified visa for anyone wanting to open a start-up in Italy, and the new simplified procedures for people wanting to take up their residence in Italy for tax purposes. The event was targeted on the Italian business community, which was asked to spread news on the benefits offered by these new instruments to their contacts abroad.

          The innovative solutions found to streamline the release of visas were developed by the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies but the event was also attended by Senior Officials of the Directorate General for the Country Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Ministry of Economic Development, of the Ministry of the Interior and of Confindustria, bearing witness to the fact that attracting investments is a national priority of the whole “Country Promotion” system.

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