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Italian Economic Diplomacy 17 October: latest world news



Italian Economic Diplomacy 17 October: latest world news

OICE 2018 Report:  engineering, architecture and consulting are consolidating their activities abroad

The Italian Trade Agency, ICE, will launch, on 19 October, the  2018 edition of the  OICE Report,  drafted in conjuction with CER - Centro Europa Ricerche -  on the activities of Italian engineering, architecture and technical and economic consulting firms  across the world. The presentation will be attended by the relevant entrepreneurs, institutions and representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions to Italy.

The event will illustrate the 2017 achievements and future prospects of the engineering, architecture and consulting firms involved on major international markets, providing an exhaustive qualitative assessment of the trends for the next three years. 

The event testifies the intensive cooperation which has developed throughout the years between OICE, the Ministry for Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency, ICE, in a sector which is a priority for the public strategy to support Italian entrepreneurship on foreign markets. 

The Farnesina's contribution has been fundamental, in conjuction with its diplomatic and consular network, which has been working with OICE, and has implemented  a major promotion and development activitity in several areas across the world.

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