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Italy's Economic Diplomacy, 18 December: latest news from the world​



Italy's Economic Diplomacy, 18 December: latest news from the world​

TURKEY - Sparkle enhances its ERP solution with SAP HANA at its Istanbul Data Center

Sparkle, the International Services arm of the TIM Group and among the top ten global operators, enhances its ERP Infrastructure solution with the introduction of certified SAP HANA hardware in its Istanbul Data Center, Turkey. The solution, also available in Greece, offers multinational and domestic enterprises a secure and reliable environment for their business-critical applications. Traditionally, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are housed at a company’s premises on its own servers, requiring capital investments in hardware and constant maintenance by a dedicated IT staff. With next generation ERP solutions, enterprises of all sizes can host their ERPs on a Cloud platform, thus simplifying their IT environments and achieving cost reduction.

With its Cloud-based SAP HANA, Sparkle offers to multinational and domestic companies a state-of-the-art ERP platform with enterprise-grade service levels. The solution is fully integrated with Sparkle’s Tier 1-grade Global IP Transit service Seabone and with Cloud Connect connectivity service, providing enterprises’ remote branches and mobile teams secure access to their company’s business-critical applications at any time and from any location. For full reliability and redundancy, the solution also features Quality Assurance (QA) and Development (DEV) environments, SAP HANA High Availability, Backup Solutions with alternative remote site as Disaster Data center, as well as managed services for tailor-made projects. Enterprises can quickly deploy and scale-out their SAP applications on Sparkle’ certified ERP Infrastructure platform to accelerate their productivity and performance. Located in Yenibosna, Sparkle’s Data Center is one of the largest and most important open colocation facilities in Turkey, featuring best in-market technologies and sophisticated monitoring systems and providing a full range of integrated ICT solutions that, bundled with Sparkle’s global connectivity services, make it particularly appealing for service providers as well as multinational and domestic enterprises.

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