Italy's Economic Diplomacy 21 December: latest news from the world
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Italy's Economic Diplomacy 21 December: latest news from the world



Italy's Economic Diplomacy 21 December: latest news from the world
Sparkle invests in young talents to set up the Mediterranean Hub of the future with Sicily as a strategic focal point for Internet traffic as well as a laboratory of technological innovation
Sparkle, the international service provider and wholly owned subsidiary of TIM Group, which ranks among the top ten global operators, enhances its ICT innovation skills by taking on board 12 young graduates and undergraduate students in its branches located in the South of Italy, and namely in the cities of Palermo and Catania. The new recruits will manage the transmission platforms that support Sparkle's network and submarine cable systems, as well as monitor the infrastructure and  platforms for the automation, programmability and virtualization of network functions.Sicily has been a strategic area for Sparkle for several years now, further confirming its vocation as a Mediterranean Hub, the core of technological innovation and a gateway for Internet traffic between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The region's capital, Palermo, hosts the Sicily Hub, a neutral data centre which is becoming the main pole for Internet traffic in the Mediterranean thanks to its proximity to North Africa and the Middle East and to all of the cable landing stations in Sicily.
Catania hosts the Sicily Lab, a hyper-converging data centre and technological innovation laboratory. It recently contributed to
Sparkle's success when the company was recognized for two cutting-edge projects at MEF 2018, the leading industry fair designed to promote the development of innovative technologies for international connectivity.

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