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Italian Cuisine Week: Iran focuses on organic farming​



Italian Cuisine Week: Iran focuses on organic farming​
Over 30​ Iranian farming businesses showed an interest for the organic farming certification system at the end of the relevant Seminar hosted at the Tehran Chamber of Commerce and held by the Italian expert Alberto Bergamaschi within the framework of the Italian Cuisine Week in the World. 
The thematic masterclasses raised the interest of several vocational schools including the 'Sina' culinary research institute. The managers of this school are in fact interested in establishing regular contacts between Italian teachers and Iranian students. Further contacts are likely to be established in the field of food catering services with a view to developing continuous collaborations with Italian chefs and cooking schools. 
The Week closed with a gourmet menu crafted by Michelin star-winning chef Giuseppe Di Iorio served at the Ambassador's Residence following a series of events dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet and the concepts of food sustainability and providing accurate information.

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