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Nicolò Govoni



Nicolò Govoni

Nicolò Govoni, born in 1993, is a writer, journalist and human rights activist from Cremona. He began his first volunteer mission at the age of twenty, when he left for a small village in India and for Dayavu Boy's Home orphanage: here he has stayed for four years of his life, managing to change the hosted children’s fate and the orphanage itself.

In 2017 he self-published the e-book "Bianco come Dio" (white as God) to ensure continuity to the education fund he had set up for the orphanage children. In the same year he left India and landed in the refugee camp on the island of Samos, Greece, where he joined a local association and coordinated an educational programme for refugee children who had fled the war.

2018 was the year of change: together with two other volunteers, Sarah Ruzek and Giulia Cicoli, he founded the ONLUS Still I Rise and opened Mazì, the first school for refugee children and adolescents on the island. "Bianco come Dio" became an editorial case and attracted the attention of Rizzoli, who decided to include it in its own editions: the proceeds from sales were allocated by the author to the construction of a library for the Dayavu Boy's Home orphanage, started in March 2019.

In June 2019 he published with Rizzoli a new book, "Se fosse tuo figlio" (if it were your child), a complaint against the abuses perpetrated by the Greek authorities on the refugees in Samos hotspot. The book quickly climbed the charts of the most read books of Amazon Italia and La Repubblica.

In October 2019 he moved to Turkey with a Still I Rise team to start work on the world's first International School for Refugee Children. In the meantime, the Still I Rise team which remained in Samos and lead by Giulia Cicoli, brought the cases of some unaccompanied minors before the European Court of Human Rights. The response was positive with immediate transfer of the minors in question, a crucial decision in the fight for migrants' rights.

A few months later Nicolò was proposed for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize nomination by Sara Conti, member of the Great and General Council of the Republic of San Marino, for his commitment to the education and protection of refugee children.

Now Nicolò directs Still I Rise in six countries, giving work to about forty people in the world. He is dedicating himself to the opening of two new schools: one in Syria and one in Kenya.

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