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​Afghanistan - New road opens between Kabul and Bamyan



​Afghanistan - New road opens between Kabul and Bamyan

A lengthy trip lasting 13 hours or more will now take just two and half hours thanks to the new Kabul-Bamyan road, which the Italian Development Cooperation helped build by donating more than 100 million euros. The opening ceremony was attended by Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani, the Minister for Public Works, Mahmoud Baligh, and the Italian Ambassador, Roberto Cantone.

The journey from the Afghan capital to Bamyan used to take at least 13 hours, but thanks to the new road it can now be made in two and half. The road will not only improve connections between Kabul and Bamyan, but also boost economic development in the area, starting with domestic trade, as it is part of the east-west route from Kabul to Herat and the north-south route from Mazar-e Sharif to Kabul. The Italian Development Cooperation has financed numerous infrastructure projects in Afghanistan and this will continue in future years. Public infrastructure is a catalyst for greater economic growth, greater connectivity, and greater development in all sectors of society. Roads improve access to hospitals, schools, markets and to all the services that provide a better quality of life.

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