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Governo Italiano

Argentina - More Italian in Argentinian schools



Argentina - More Italian in Argentinian schools

The governor of the Province of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, signed an agreement with the Italian Ambassador to Argentina, Teresa Castaldo, to promote the teaching of Italian language and culture in local schools. The agreement is meant to ensure the enhancement of Italian culture in the province. To this purpose, teachers will be selected and the training of educators of Italian culture will be promoted. The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Analia Berruezo, explained that this approach is already been enforced in six private and public schools. The Italian Consulate General in the city of Cordoba will provide the professionals in charge of training the teachers. The government of Salta, with the support of the ministry led by Berruezo, will work in each school to assign the teachers. At the end of the meeting, also attended by the deputy Consul of Italy in Salta, Serafina Russo, and representatives of the Dante Alighieri school, Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey highlighted the agreement on Twitter, writing that "an agreement was signed with Ambassador Teresa Castaldo with the aim of teaching Italian to our schoolchildren".
Moreover, the Consulate General, besides promoting the training of teachers with the aim of facilitating the organisation and operation of Italian language courses in schools, will distribute the didactic material to all the schools involved in the project. An executive committee will be composed of representatives to coordinate the development and assess the goals of the programme, and also establish the criteria for the selection of the public and private schools that will apply to participate in this initiative in the future.

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