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Governo Italiano

Australia - "Buonissimo! Simple, healthy and delicious Italian food"



Australia -

The Italian Institute of Culture in Sydney, that has always been active in promoting Italian cuisine, has organized an evening event for the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World entitled “Buonissimo! Simple, healthy and delicious Italian food". The title itself is a tribute to our excellent cuisine made up of recipes that use essential ingredients that are indispensable for protecting the extraordinary taste of Italian dishes: tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, pasta, rice, olive oil and many others.

It is essential to point out that while local produce are undoubtedly important, importing authentic Italian products is absolutely critical since it is simply impossible to create perfect replicas.

The program for the evening includes an interactive seminar on authentic Made-in-Italy products that, it is worth recalling, are essential to ensure and protect the extraordinary nature of the typical Italian taste.

The seminar will be followed by a practical cooking workshop  during which a hot and a cold dish will be prepared , using simple and easy-to-make recipes with authentic high quality products characterized by a rich traditional taste.  Last but  not least, there will be the tasting of such dishes.  Gabriele Taddeucci, Head Chef at the Balla di Manfredi Restaurant, and a well-established expert in the gastronomy world, and award-winning wine and food journalist, Joanna Savilli will be leading the evening’s events.

Participants will have the opportunity of  tasting the excellent, “buonissimo”  food prepared by the Chef and will take center stage  since ample time will be set aside for  answering  their questions and exchanging ideas. The evening will be a “delightful” opportunity for sharing our culture and for enjoying our century-old culinary tradition that is famous the world over.   

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