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Berlin - “Italian of the Year” award rewards journalism and social commitment



Berlin - “Italian of the Year” award rewards journalism and social commitment

The Comites of Berlin (Committee of Italians abroad representing the residents of every consular district in foreign countries) has assigned the 2016 “Italian of the Year” award to two Italians who, through their commitment, have significantly contributed to shedding light on the identity of Italians living in the area of Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. “The Committee – explained the promoters of the award – has wanted to reward two different expressions of social commitment. On the one hand, the prize was awarded to Mauro Mondello, a young journalist who, through his work, contributes to focusing the attention of public opinion on the situation of migrants and of the populations obliged to live in contexts ravaged by wars and conflicts.

 “Italian of the Year”

On the other hand, the prize was awarded to the unselfish commitment of Sestilia Bressan in working with the terminally ill patients and needy persons at the hospitals of Berlin’s Italian Catholic Mission. The award ceremony with be held at 7 p.m. on March 2, in the halls of the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Berlin. The programme of the event, which will be presented by Elettra de Salvo, will include the screening of the documentary “Lampedusa in Berlin”, edited by Mauro Mondello. The winners of the Comites 2015 Prize will receive a work by Italian-German artist, Fulvio Pinna. The evening’s programme will continue with a taste of products from the lower Lazio region (Sperlonga, Fondi, and Slow Food Presidia of Monte San Biagio) and of the wines offered by the Berlin-based “Koriandrum” import company and the "Terra e Verde" firm.



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