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Governo Italiano

“BuscándoME”: an introspective journey across the images of Nerina Toci



“BuscándoME”: an introspective journey across the images of Nerina Toci

The New Year will kick off in the sign of Italian art at the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Santiago of Chile. The “BuscándoME” exhibition, a soul-searching photographic journey by young Italian artist Nerina Toci and curated by art historian Katy Ferrante, will open at 8:30 p.m. on 3 January.

The exhibition was brought to Chile through the Sinopsis Australis Artists-in-Residence Programme directed by Chiara Mambro and is organised by the IIC and the Italian Embassy in Santiago in partnership with Sinopsis Australis.

The curator explained: “To delve into the work of Nerina Toci means to accept its contradictions, surrender to the torment, indulge in the smooth shapes and torture oneself with the hidden roughness, the impulse of life and death, the ruffling effect of the wind and the taming action of the sun. It is the soul-searching journey in the pursuit of the intimate thoughts of the artist. A journey that begins with an innocent voyeuristic experience and ends with the spectator’s own unexpected introspection.”   

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