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Cartoline dall' altra Italia – Jakarta – The chef who serves Made in Italy



Cartoline dall' altra Italia – Jakarta – The chef who serves Made in Italy

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and then back to Indonesia: Chef Michele Cuozzo, born in Sala Consilina in the province of Salerno, began his career in Asia about 20 years ago, winding up finally in Indonesia last year. “It all began by chance. I was teaching the art of pizza making, a passion of mine that turned into a job. Once you’ve been to Asia, you’ll always go back. Now I manage an Italian restaurant”. Michele speaks about his experiences to "Cartoline dall' altra Italia"”, a web series created by 9colonne with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies. His specialty is simplicity: “Traditional dishes, respecting the true flavour of the ingredients without altering them too much” is the secret the cook who has become Indonesia’s first Italian “pizza chef”. Michele sees his future in Jakarta, but never say never. “You can never hang your hat in one place in the restaurant business, I’m always on the move, especially in Asia, where there is a great demand for Italian chefs”.  

Each week “Cartoline dall’altra Italia” goes in search of the new emigration; creating links with young Italians who, either for need or simple desire, have decided to try their luck abroad. Through their testimony, the web series keeps that invisible thread linking them to Italy alive. Each week features a new video-interview that can be viewed on the website or on the Nove Colonne YouTube channel.

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