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Chile - Brugnoli and Errazuriz return after 33 years



Chile - Brugnoli and Errazuriz return after 33 years

The Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Santiago is staging an exhibition called "Paisaje Brugnoli-Errazuriz/ 2 (2016)" on May 12 by famous Chilean artists Francisco Brugnoli and Virginia Errazuriz. It refers to the famous exhibition the artists staged in 1983 which was called "Paisaje Brugnoli-Errazuriz" and takes it a step forward. When the "Paisaje Brugnoli-Errazuriz" exhibition opened 33 years ago in August in the South Santiago gallery, it portrayed a critical view of Chilean society through the redefinition of everyday objects and discarded materials. The artists have worked with these materials since the 1960s as a means to convey the feeling their compatriots had of uncertainty in a life of material deprivation and unsatisfied needs. The Institute's rendition of the exhibition is meant to look at its original social and cultural dimension - the landscape in a cultural and metaphorical sense, through the lens of time to show how it has evolved 33 years later. It consists of a series of objects collected in different periods, used in other works to outline a specific context and time. Their disposal represents  a "possible path", a landscape 33 years on. For this, Errazuriz will present the work "hilvanes: Hilvan #2/CH33 - Trazas y Desbordes2 ". Brugnoli will be on display with a creative work in two simultaneous parts: "Tribute to happiness" and "Brillos del placer de romper".

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