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Italian Graphics Design Exhibition in Copenhagen



Italian Graphics Design Exhibition in Copenhagen

On 19 January the Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen will host an exhibition entitled "Graphics Made in Italy " that presents three decades of art and design of visual communication from the Fifties to the early Eighties through the stories of prominent designers and leading companies. The design of unique images to communicate ideas and new products was a great Made in Italy intuition that developed within the business community of post-War Italy. A phenomenon that projected abroad the image of a Country bursting with an extraordinary vitality and entrepreneurial spirit. The exhibition clearly shows that the role of graphic artists in Italy was essential in making known the products of our industry, in telling their stories, in staging them, in turning them into objects of desire, and they achieved this by creating a shared symbolic imagery. The protagonists of this season were eclectic personalities who put their skills at the service of different sectors of industry and of the culture  and contributed to the dissemination of a visual culture that reflected the spirit of the time, where creativity came into contact with skills and inventiveness with practical knowledge. This exhibition is in line with the goal of promoting, documenting and qualifying the evolution and excellence of the language of graphics and it does so through a historic survey with the aim of showing that the role of designers in visual communication is essential and important, even today. 

The items on display come from the collections and archives of Aiap CDPG, Documentation Centre on Graphic Projects, an archive that can be freely accessed online ( and that holds more than 10,000 items including publications, originals and documents on the culture of projects. The exhibition puts these documents to the attention of our contemporaries through unprecedented paths telling possible stories about the graphic projects. The Historic Archive is the result of a systematic research effort involving donations and purchases, and includes more than 40 holdings, collections and archives. 

The exhibition has already been hosted in several cities, Milan, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Segovia, Bratislava, and now, Copenhagen.     

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