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The Netherlands: Stefano Boeri gives a lecture on the city of the future in Eindhoven



The Netherlands: Stefano Boeri gives a lecture on the city of the future in Eindhoven

Italy has selected the city of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, to host the 25 March event of the 'Italian Design Day in the world', now at its third edition. Architect Stefano Boeri, the president of the Triennale di Milano and promoter of several initiatives that are designed to develop a sustainable city of the future, is the Ambassador of Italian Design in the Netherlands. Boeri's focus on the relationship between nature and the city has resulted in the concept of a Vertical Forest. The first project was developed in Milan in 2014 while in the meantime urban, upscale vertical forests popped up everywhere. In the Netherlands, the city of Eindhoven will be able to admire the first vertical forest dedicated to social housing, in Strijp S. The project will be developed in 2019 in partnership with the Trudo Foundation. 

The event, which was organized by the Italian Embassy in conjunction with the local institutions of Eindhoven Municipality, the Dutch Design Foundation and the Eindhoven Design Academy, was held at the Technology University of  Eindhoven. The lecture was attended by 250 people, including entrepreneurs, professionals, architects, designers, researchers and students.

As the Italian Ambassador Andrea Perugini said: "The 3rd Italian Design Day in the World, which is organised in Eindhoven by the Italian Embassy, represents a unique opportunity to celebrate an  industry which is central to our economy and to give a concrete follow-up to the recent official visit to Italy by His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, a country where design and the creative industry have played a major role. The 'ambassador' of Italian Design, the President of the Triennale di Milano, Stefano Boeri, has built the perfect bridge between Italy and the Netherlands, between Milan and Eindhoven, where he designed two most remarkable examples of sustainable buildings - vertical forests - that will shape the city of the future."


The 2019 Italian Design day in the World focuses on a complex theme that can lead to great innovations and ideas: "Design and the city of the future", whose goal is to investigate new paths while suggesting ideas and scenarios on how design can work on a product as complex as contemporary cities. On top of  all the technical implications, sustainable and advanced solutions must take into account the impact of the so-called smart cities on environmental, cultural and human resources.


The Third IDD edition continues to be tied up to "Broken Nature-Design assume Human Survival", the theme chosen for the 22nd International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, which will run until 1 September 2019. Sustainable policies continue to represent a fundamental commitment for both central governments and the private sector. It is in this context that Italy will produce and make available its most outstanding projects and ideas, with a view to orienting and contributing to the international debate.  It will participate in expanding the basis for Expo Dubai 2020, "Connecting minds, creating the future". The 2019 IDD continues to support the Salone del Mobile now at its 58th edition of Flagship Design International, due to take place in Milan, 9-14 April, 2019.

Celebrated throughout the world, the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Italian Design Day in the World revealed to be the extraordinary proof of how Italian ingenuity and talent can be a source of innovation and quality solutions to the future needs and challenges of our societies. In the past two years, over 300 inititatives were organized in 230 cities in the world involving over 200 Ambassadors of Italian Design, including design experts, entrepreneurs, experts capable of understanding design in correlation with economic, social and human sustainability. The networks generated by the ties between the academic world and creative communities have had a positive fallout on the Italian design scenario thanks to the substantial response on the part of human and economic capital. 

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