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Italy's Economic Diplomacy - 6 September: latest news from the world



Italy's Economic Diplomacy - 6 September: latest news from the world

Dubai: Expo Dubai presents “Expo Live”, a 100 mln euro project for innovative solutions

The Organizing Committee of Expo Dubai presented to the international business community “Expo Live”, a 100 million euro project for innovative solutions. The project was launched as part of Expo2020, with the aim of promoting innovative solutions that might have a positive spillover effect on the wellbeing of local communities. More specifically, Expo Live will contribute from 50,000 to 2 million euros to projects considered to be strongly innovative and pertinent to the Expo2020 theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the future" and sub-themes “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability”. Applications to the program will be open to any entity (including small businesses, Universities, Research Institutes, non-profit Foundations, Governmental and non-governmental organizations, public and private companies) and must be submitted by 30 September 2016. All the information on the project is available on the Executive Committee’s website The Organizing Committee also pointed out the opportunities offered to the SMEs interested in being on the event’s list of suppliers. In order to be enlisted, applicants must register on the portal dedicated to tenders and projects, which is expected to publish 150 tenders a month starting from 2018.

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