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E.U. Founding Countries meet in Rome



E.U. Founding Countries meet in Rome

The Foreign Affairs Ministers of the six E.U. Founding Countries discuss migration challenges and integration at Villa Madama

The Foreign Ministers of the six Founding Countries of the European Union (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) are meeting today at Villa Madama in Rome to  discuss the future of the European Union and the prospects for relaunching the integration process, the challenge of migration and growing refugee flows.  

The meeting, which is held in anticipation of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome signed on 25 March, 1957,  will reflect on how to relaunch the European integration process starting from the main crises the E.U. is confronting.

The six founding countries’ Foreign Ministers will focus on the challenges posed by a growing refugee flows, economic migration, climate change, the threat of Daesh and  instability in Syria and Libya, all of which demonstrate the strong relation between the E.U. internal and foreign policies. Therefore, the Ministers will reflect on how to face up to these issues by adopting a global approach. In particular one of the key points with respect to the question of migrants is guaranteeing that Schengen remains operational within the framework of a better common European asylum system.

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